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Liberal Education Initiative in Ukraine

The American Councils office in Kyiv, Ukraine together with Liberal Education Initiative held a series of informative and inspiring lectures by three of the most influential speakers and activists in the country dedicated to active citizenship. Event organizers believe strongly in the idea that training this generation of youth to consider issues with an unprejudiced mindset will help Ukraine battle future difficulties.  The youth is the future – therefore, all efforts are directed towards empowering the youth in Ukraine. FLEX alumni acted as organizers and attendees at the events.

The first meeting focused on political liberalism, using the Canadian liberalism approach as an example.  The event was led by Mychailo Wynnyckyj, associate professor of the Department of Sociology at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School and director of the Doctoral School at the Kyiv-Mohyla National University. Mr. Wynnyckyi taught guests about the differences that exist between different ideologies and held a thought-provoking discussion.

Mychailo Wynnyckyj is sharing his thoughts on liberalism in Canada

The second lecture was held in tandem with the U.S. presidential elections.  Andriy Kruglashov, Civic Movement CHESNO coordinator, held a discussion on the U.S. election system.  Participants learned about how elections are organized in the U.S. and urged the participants of the meeting to talk on the elections. With participants supporting all of the candidates, the event concluded with a lively discussion.

Andriy Kruglashov is addressing his audience with a powerful message on freedom and how it is related to the recent elections

The series ended with a workshop on feminism led by Iryna Troian, expert on gender studies. Ms. Troian passionately talked about aspects of gender studies, such as masculinity, feminism, and LBGTQ rights.  Again, the event ended with a lively discussion.

Iryna Troian, expert on gender studies, is sharing her knowledge on Feminism

These three lectures are the start of a long-term project that will involve youth in discussions and lectures to hear fist hand from experts and opinion leaders in Ukraine, aiming to provide the young people with food for thought on core issues our society faces today.

Written by FLEX Alumni Coordinator Darya Batalova

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