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The Most Popular FLEX Appreciation Day Videos

Every year on September 27th, FLEX alumni celebrate FLEX Appreciation day. It is a perfect occasion for alumni to remember all the things that FLEX exchange program gave them and how it changed their lives. This year, they got very creative; alumni from different countries made some amazing videos and we are highlighting few most popular ones.


FLEX alumni from Eastern Ukraine created this video where they are showing off some dance moves:


FLEX alumni from Moldova showed that they can not only dance, but they can also write lyrics:


The talented alumni coordinator Victoria has some amazing drawing skills, and this is how she shared why she is thankful to be a part of the FLEX alumni team:


See how Inga and Nicu shared their gratitude and got many responses. That’s what happens when you say “Thank You!”


Who had one of the most interesting FLEX parties?


Even though alumni are thankful for their FLEX exchange year and experience every day, it is great to mark a day to publicly say your appreciation. If you learn how to be thankful and share your positive experiences with others you will be much happier! So spread gratitude and happiness, there are many things and people around us to be thankful for every day.

By Ana Barzakovic ’07 (Serbia)


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