The Best #IEW2017 #FLEXisIEW Social Media Posts

International Education Week is one of the best weeks of the year for FLEX exchange students and alumni!  Why? Because they have a great reason to promote their home countries in the U.S. and their exchange experience back home. As it is explained on U.S. Department of State’s website: International Education Week is a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education and promotes programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attracts future leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences.”

This year alumni were very active in promoting International Education Week. On FLEX alumni pages alone alumni posted 260 times! A shout out goes to FLEX Alumni in Kyrgyzstan and Moldova who had the biggest number of posts on all social media channels!

Here are some of the most creative and interesting posts from IEW2017:

Alumni in Estonia showed highlighted a group of people trying to speak Estonian language.  (It was not easy).  Good job Estonia!


FLEX Alumni in Kyrgyzstan shared a story from an alumnus’ IEW experience:

In Montenegro, alumni connected International Tolerance Day with IEW by filming a short video of people’s reactions when told that they’re beautiful.


Flex Alumni in Azerbaijan showed how fun is to spend time with children and to include them in community projects. “Children are always very eager to learn new things!  And national costumes might spark an interest in them to learn more about your culture.”

FLEX alumni Romania not only shared pictures with their fellow students in order to teach them about American culture, but they also showed them how to make the quintessentially American peanut butter sandwich!

In Moldova alumni decided to show both sides of the exchange program: What it is like to study in the United States and how studying in Moldova looks from an American perspective. Take a look:


FLEX Alumni in South Kazakhstan celebrated IEW with a storytelling event:

Another great social media initiative that alumni from South Kazakhstan implemented included asking different alumni who are studying abroad to post on their Instagram story for a day. This is what they also did for IEW – and this post announces it:


What was your favorite IEW post?


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