Alumni Articles: Serbia

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FLEX Alumnus from Montenegro Empowers Youth in the Region

FLEX alumnus from Montenegro, Stefan Raicevic ’12 (Bar, Montenegro/Parsons, KS), is using what he learned during his exchange year to empower youth in the Balkans through the organization Movement of Cooperation […]

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Igor Zlatojev ’07 Combating Extremism through Community Engagement

Igor advises FLEX alumni to value people’s individuality above social, economic or religious factors. ‘Be yourself and don’t buckle under social pressures! Don’t only do or say what’s socially acceptable […]

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Branko Backovic ’07 An Initiator of the A-SMYLE Fundraising Campaign

Be practical and while dreaming big make sure that you do small positive things every day.  They may be related to your friends and family, community, learning, or career.  An […]

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Dusan Ilic ’08: Regional Cooperation in the Balkans Is the Key

Over the last two years Dusan Ilic conducted a wide range of alumni projects – charity concerts, gender equality lectures, career workshops, and art installations. A strong believer in regional […]

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