Notable Alumni: Ukraine

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Tetiana Pochynok ’02 Providing Allergy Relief to Lviv, Ukraine Residents

…The journey to success is worth all the troubles and fears. Just remember – you can be weak but you are never alone. There are like-minded people who are ready […]

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FLEX Talks in Ukraine

On February 18 more than 130 people attended the FLEX Talks conference in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was the first conference of its kind in Kyiv, where FLEX alumni shared their […]

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Mykola Tymkiv ’08 From a Small Start-Up to an 800-person company: A great employment opportunity for FLEX alumni

ZoomSupport is eager to help the FLEX program by offering technical support for host families of current students or alumni of the FLEX program FOR FREE! Mykola Tymkiv ’08 Kalush, […]

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Principled Lawyer Anton Podilchak ’03

‘Showing what you can do without corruption is the best way to tackle it’  Anton encourages the FLEX community to join him in his fight against corruption and injustice. ‘We […]

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Veronika Radinovska ’13 American Education in Switzerland and Abu Dhabi

Message to FLEX alumni: Success is not a terminal point; it’s something that you do with your life every day. Interact with new people as much as you can and […]

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Iaroslav Zhydenko ‘06 ‘Be proud of your work results’

‘Living in a foreign country independently at such a young age made me much more adaptable and able to communicate with people. Iaroslav Zhydenko ‘06 Chernihiv, Ukraine / Birmingham, Alabama […]

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Oleksandr Shymanko ‘In the U.S. I began to think outside of the box’

Entrepreneur, innovator, branding designer, and student Oleksandr Shymanko – there are those people who you wonder how they succeed to complete everything with only 24 hours in a day. Oleksandr Shymanko ’14 […]

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Roman Fishchuk ’04 Founder of Innovative Hearing Center in Ukraine

“Roman will continue reforming the system on a state level, however, he believes that real change is always brought by grassroots initiatives” Roman Fishchuk ‘04 Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine/ Lancaster, Pennsylvania Education: […]

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Tetyana Bohdanova: Exploring Digital Activism through Global Voices

An Interview with contributor to Global Voices FLEX alumna Tetyana Bohdanova ’01 Tetyana Bohdanova ‘01 Lviv, Ukraine / Stickney, South Dakota Education: BA in Business Administration from International Christian University-Kyiv, […]

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Halyna Yanchenko ’04 Anticorruption Deputy at Kyiv City Council

‘After the return to your country it takes a lot of mental strength to start contributing to change in your community instead of wanting to just go back to America. […]