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Interview with Emil Hasanzade ’15, Filmmaker and Founder of the FEMM Project

FLEX Alumni Coordinator Sabina Suleymanova’14 (Baku, Azerbaijan/Traverse City/ MI) interviewed Emil Hasanzade ’15 (Baku, Azerbaijan/Monroe, WA) regarding his project, FEMM, based on gender equality and feminism in Azerbaijan. Through the […]

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FLEX Alumni Visit a Children’s Shelter in Baku

One of the most long-lasting lessons alumni learn during their FLEX year is the importance of volunteering. After returning back home alumni regularly volunteer in their communities. With the initiative […]

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FLEX and YLP Alumni Initiate a Model U.S. Senate Platform

After returning home, FLEX alumni are always looking for ways to give back to their communities by sharing their knowledge and experience from their exchange year in the U.S.  Alumni […]

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Highlighting City and University Representatives in Azerbaijan

The majority of FLEX Alumni note their exchange year as a turning point in their lives, taking lessons and skills learned in the U.S. and returning to their home communities […]

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FLEX Alumni Share their Culture through the American Councils Insider Tour

The American Councils’ Insider Tours provide travelers with an in-depth look at areas of the world that are less-often picked by the average tourist, but no less worthy of exploration. […]

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Conversation Clubs Hosted by FLEX Alumni in Azerbaijan

In the last decade English has officially become an international language, as it is the second most widely spoken language worldwide when considering both native and non-native speakers.  As a […]

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