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FLEX Alumni Russia Mentoring Program: Program Cycle 2

Program Announcement and Call for Applications The FLEX Alumni program in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia proudly announces the launch of the FLEX Alumni Russia Mentoring Program. […]


“Nothing is left unsaid, nothing is left undone”

People do always change, people never stay the same. This is not the matter of time, but the influence of various events on their lives, their development, and their growth. […]

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Rubik’s Cube Principle

What is the difference between Great and Perfect? Both express something well-done, accomplished and desired. But doesn’t perfect sound more impressive? If somebody asked me this question a year ago […]

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Spectacular Sochi 2014

I have always thought of myself as of an unbelievably lucky and happy person because my life has been always filled with wonderful people and experiences. I believe that nothing […]

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FLEX Alumni Volunteer at Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

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iCheers from Olympic Sochi!

Olympic cheers to you, my fellow FLEXers!       Games in Sochi are at the full blast, so it’s high time to share with you my amazing volunteer experience! […]

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My hockey experience at the Olympics

Hey everyone! Here I am holding a flag with the name of my hometown on it. I spotted it in the crowd during one of the competitions and immediately grabbed […]

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Seeing the Olympic Games With Your Own Eyes

Hi dear FLEXers! It’s Olympics time. It turned out that quite a few FLEX alumni volunteer in Sochi. So we wanted to start kind of FLEX Olympic Diary. Here is […]

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Media-Enabled Musketeers

Karina Chupina ‘97 Tecumseh, MI/Berlin, Germany Career focus: international youth work, disability advocacy Karina Chupina ‘97 has extended her experience in training, journalism and advocacy for youth with disabilities to […]

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Food for Thought

Natalia Zhikina ‘01 North Schuykill, PA/St. Petersburg, Russia North-West Academy of Public Administration, St. Petersburg From the pictures of her 2001 FLEX year in North Schuykill, PA, it’s already clear […]

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