Workshop Projects: Montenegro

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Thought Gives Meaning

Zorana Dulovic ’15, Nevena Djurickovic ’14,Aneta Katuric ’15, Milica Knezevic ’15 and Dina Abazovic ’15 Project Location: Mojkovac, Podgorica, Kotor, Cetinje and Bar, Montenegro $ 138 (per city) in Eastern Europe […]

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Sustainable Development Workshop in Rozaje, Montenegro

Alina Ciguljin ’15 Project Location: Rozaje,Montenegro $ 138 in Eastern Europe FLEX-Ability Grant Funding On February 9 and 11 Almina Ciguljin ’15 organized a two-day workshop on the topic of […]

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Discussion Club in Cetinje, Montenegro

Milena Markovic ’15 Project Location: Cetinje, Montenegro $ 45 in Eastern Europe FLEX-Ability Program Funding On March 11  Milena Markovic ’15 founded a discussion club for middle school students at […]

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Sustainability Workshop in Montenegro

Katarina Marnikovic ’15 Project Location: Ulcinj, Montenegro $ 102 in Eastern Europe FLEX-Ability Report On 29 March Katarina Marnikovic ’15 implemented a sustainability workshop for 15 students in ‘Bratstvo Jedinstvo’ […]

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Sharing the FLEX-Ability Experience

Marija Jeknic ’15 and Milos Lakicevic ’13 Project Location: Podgorica, Montenegro $ 220.4 in Eastern Europe FLEX-Ability Grant Funding From February 26-28 Marija Jeknic ’15 and Milos Lakicevic ’13 organized […]

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